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Principal's Message



Elementary Principal



It is with great responsibility and pleasure that I have been given the opportunity to be the leader of Montpelier's Elementary school. Over the years, Montpelier has given my family and I so many opportunities that I am extremely grateful for.  I move into this role from the high school where I taught mathematics for six years, assisted coaching football for six years, and I also coached the baseball team for six years (five as the head coach).  My wife works at the school and my children have made many friends and now hold countless memories.  I'm looking forward to and understand the challenge I now have in making a larger impact on the students in our community.


Dr. Seuss has been given credit with all kinds of quotes but one of my favorites is:

"You have BRAINS in your HEAD.

You have FEET in your SHOES

You can STEER yourself any


I believe this message speaks volumes to the role we play in raising our students and your children together.  Our students are smart--they come to us knowing where their brains and feet are!  However, they sometimes need help in being steered in the right direction.  This is where our relationship comes into play.  We must work together and provide the path to a positive direction.  At the end of the day, we (students, teachers, citizens, etc.) all make our own choices--my hope is that our efforts and support systems impact students to be upstanding citizens in all that they will go on to accomplish in life!


Please let me know if you have concerns or questions.  I take my position very seriously, respect my role, and understand the effect that I have on children.  My responsibility is to serve the community by ensuring our students are provided the best educational opportunities possible in the safest environment our faculty and staff can provide.



Lance Thorp